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Cam Wiper Mount Installation



Installing the G.M.E. SOUND WIPER MOUNT is relatively simple.  The unit is stacked together as shown in (Figure 1).  The only trick is to determine where the unit will be installed.  In most cases we have installed them as shown in (Figure 2a).  We drill and tap a OO-90 hole in the bottom retainer plate and simply tighten the assembly down.  After adjusting the wiper to lightly ride on the cam, it works perfectly.  (Make sure that you solder your wire or chuff capacitor to the wiper before installation.  Trying to solder it after installation will melt and destroy the washer and spool.)

(Figure 2b) shows another method we have used to install the unit.  By mounting the wiper holder to the motor support, we are able to bend the wiper vertical to contact the cam.  When mounting the unit farther to the back, the wiper can be left horizontal.  These methods work extremely well and because they are up inside the frame, it hides the wiper holder.

Another method we use is to solder your wire to the wiper then stack the unit together with a small amount of five minute epoxy.  After the epoxy is cured, you have a single unit and easier to install.


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