Stub Switch Machine


We are now building a switch machine to use with your HO, HOn3, S, Sn3, Sn2, O, On3, On30 and On2 two and three way stub switches.  Our new switch machine will perfectly align your stub switch every time.  Using a bit of older technology from the radio control model airplane hobby, we used a Servo to move the bridal part of the switch.  It is electronically controlled and not only moves the bridal, but also changes the electrical polarity of the frogs in the switch allowing perfect and flawless operation of your railroad. 

Sound too good to be true! !

Not at all.  We have dozens of them being used on layouts all over the United States and they are working perfectly- - every time.

Is it hard to install?

No.  Instructions are very plain and easy to understand.  Installation is with simple hand tools.  If you are interested, let us know and we will email you the instruction sheets so you can see what is needed for installation.

It is hard to see how they work or how they are installed from pictures but here are some for you to look at. 

(Photo 1)   (Photo 2)   (Photo 3)   (Photo 4)

The photos are of our demo board that we take to conventions and train shows to demonstrate how well the unit works. 



$59.99 each


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