DCC Sound Installation

GME / PFM Sound Installation


If you need installation of sound in your locomotive, please call as we can probably take care of it for you.  We can install a DCC "Tsunami" from Soundtraxx or traditional "through the rail" type sound like our GME or PFM system. 

We have been installing sound in locomotives since 1975 and have pioneered a lot of the techniques that are used today.  We have a background in the music industry, design of speaker cabinets and understand the workings of speakers and how to make the finest sound available from your locomotive.

We take pride in our installation of DCC into locomotives.  We take a lot of time to properly install all the components it takes to make your locomotive not only run its best, but to make the lighting system the finest and the quality of sound the best possible.  We are a factory trained dealer for Soundtraxx and proudly sell and install their products.

We also do installation of "through the rail" style sound.  This is for systems such as the GME, PFM, PBL, SDS and the "through the rail" system made by Soundtraxx years ago.  We know and understand the inner workings of these systems and know what works best with them. 

We do installation of sound in On3 and On30 along with some On2 and large S scale steam locomotives.  We do not do any installation of sound in diesel locomotives.  We restrict what we do so we can excel in what we do best.  If you need sound in a diesel or any scale not mentioned, call us as we can recommend several really good company's to help.

We work strictly on an appointment basis.  When you call, we can give you an appointment date.  Unless we run into a problem, your locomotive will be finished and sent back within 4 to 5 days after your appointment, provided the locomotives is sent to us on time.  We know you want your locomotive back as soon as possible and we make every effort to do this for you. 

When you call, ask for Randy at 970-586-4650

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