Grizzly Mountain Engineering

GME Model Railroad Sound Generating System

  • Synchronized Exhaust Chuff
  • Makes a One to Five Chime Whistle from 10 different tones
  • Infinite Pitch Control for the Whistle
  • Built-in Pure DC Throttle
  • Two Air Pumps, Two Bells, Turbo, Hiss, Background Noise, Stack Blower, and Blowdown Sounds, all recorded on digital chips and played back at your command.
  • Auxiliary Input
  • High Speed Throttle and Idle Controls
  • Pre-amp Output for Underlayout Speakers
  • Separate On / Off Controls for the Throttle and Sound Circuits
  • Automatic Air Pump Cutoff
  • Built-in Reverb
  • Master Volume Control plus individual volume control for each sound
  • Control Panel overlayed with LexanŽ making it easy to clean and almost impossible to scratch or wear through
  • One year warranty

Out of Production at this time

Colorado residents add 8.7% sales tax.
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